Welcome and thank you for visiting EisnersKlezmorim.com

My name is Gitl Judith Eisner

I hope my website may enable us to share "oystres" (treasures),

"yerushe" (traditions), and "nakhes" (joy) of "yidishkayt" (culture).

It is a "mekhaye" to play at your simkhe - weddings, bar/bat mitsves, birthdays and parties.



I have been collaborating with musicians to play Yiddish music for over 25 years.

Our klezmorim is made up of;

2 violins, clarinet, accordion, mandolin, bass and tsimbl


Click here to listen to our CD "Oysgemisht"


I specialize in working with beginner and intermediate adults,

both at MacPhail Center for Music and in my home studio.



Eisners Klezmorim offers a variety of public programs,

which we perform at libraries, schools, senior residences, and community centers.

  • Khupe: history of klezmer music and it's function in pre-Holocaust Jewish weddings
  • A Year of Jewish Holidays: significance of major Jewish holidays from a secular and cultural perspective.
  • Der Fidl Vos Redt: exploration of my roots through the language of my grandparents.
  • Megilla Esther: a virtural Purimshpil for young adults.



Naye Ashkenazishe Klezmer Muzik far Strune Instrumenten

New Ashkenazic Klezmer Music for String Instruments

For 2 violins, cello or bass, and tsimbl

Click on the image for a free download

(PDF file - 19 tunes, 46 pages)


Fundraiser for Doctors Without Borders

Naye Strunes Klezmer String Ensemble

presents "Garden of the Righteous" - both live and online

(click on the links above to see the trailer)

The program includes stories, accompanied by music,

of 5 fearless people who risked their lives

to save Jews during the Holocaust.

Read the article "Music Without Borders" here.


Listen to Naye Strunes ensemble