Garden of the Righteous

Stu Janis, Beth Albertson, Gretta Hunstiger, Gitl Eisner, Diane Benjamin


Weaving together original klezmer music, slides, and the stories of six fearless individuals,

the program gives audience members an opportunity to reflect on the extent of

courage and compassion during dark times.

I would highly recommend the Garden of the Righteous program. The quality of their musicianship is excellent and the narratives are thoughtful, compelling and inspiring”

— Marlene Schoenberg

It's a stunning program, one to occupy one's thoughts for weeks beyond the performance! ”

— Sue Ruby - Golden Valley Presbyterian events coordinator

I just wanted to say that your CD and your original compositions are GORGEOUS! Naye Strunes is truly a wonderful accomplishment and all the tunes are performed mit harts un neshome.”

Steven Greenman - Violinist, Composer, Educator

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All proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders


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Donate now to Doctors Without Borders

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