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My name is Gitl Judith Eisner    Contact me via email 

I hope my website may enable us to share "oystres" (treasures),

"yerushe" (traditions), and "nakhes" (joy) of "yidishkayt" (culture).

It is a "mekhaye" to play at your simkhe - weddings, bar/bat mitsves, birthdays and parties.


Eisners Klezmorim offers a variety of public programs,

which we perform at libraries, schools, senior residences, and community centers.

  • Khupe: history of klezmer music and it's function in pre-Holocaust Jewish weddings
  • A Year of Jewish Holidays: significance of major Jewish holidays from a secular and cultural perspective.
  • Der Fidl Vos Redt: exploration of my roots through the language of my grandparents.
  • Megilla Esther: a virtural Purimshpil for young adults.


Yiddish music for over 25 years!

Our klezmorim is made up of;

2 violins, clarinet, accordion, mandolin, bass and tsimbl


Click here to listen to our CD "Oysgemisht"

Donate now to Doctors Without Borders

Donate now to Doctors Without Borders




Naye Ashkenazishe Klezmer Muzik far Strune Instrumenten

New Ashkenazic Klezmer Music for String Instruments

For 2 violins, cello or bass, and tsimbl

Click on the image for a free download

(PDF file - 19 tunes, 46 pages)